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Brisket point loss

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What percentage do you figure you'll lose when smoking brisket points?
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Last one I did only had a 40% yield (60% loss).
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It depends on the amount of fat you have to trim off in the beginning.

I have never checked it exactly by weight, but I would certainly think that a 40-50% loss is common.



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I had 24 pounds (3 points) cut off packers and I trimmed about 5-6 pounds of fat off them before I rubbed and put ok the smoker. Pulled off smoker at 170, cubed, rubbed, and sauced and back in the smoker. Finished them up and in the fridge for the night. Vacu sealed the next day for buddies rehearsal dinner and I ended up with 8 pounds of burnt ends.
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Wow that's a big loss. I never really weighed them before.


It's good to know if I ever need to know what the yield really is.


Thanks for doing the math. I certainly thought it would be more than 25%.



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It would help a lot to buy the points trimmed. But here in Michigan that'll cost you about $3 more a pound. Like I said I lost a lot before I even put them on the smoker. And I'm sure you could get different results with different pieces of meat as well. Im thinking My results were high. I'm gonna assume a trimmed brisket will lose roughly 50% on average based on this. But I can guarantee I'll keep track of all the points I smoke now.
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At $5/lb untrimmed packer, with over 50% loss, brisket has been off my shopping list for a while.
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I bought the points for 3.99 a pound. They had to cut them off whole packers because they don't usually sell them at my market.
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