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Drunkin Tri Tip

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Decided to do a tri tip this afternoon. Thought I'd try something a little different then my norm and use some Guinness for a base. SPOG is all I added besides beer.
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Sounds interesting.

Post up some pics.
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IMAG0374.jpg 934k .jpg file

Put equal amounts of Guinness in the small water pan and the rest in me.
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Porter and stouts go good with Tri tip!
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Are you sure it's a TT? Looking forward to the finish!
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Now that you mention it... No I'm not sure. Looked at the package and it's just a tip roast. Either way it's resting right now and I'm hoping for a picture or two before the wife goes crazy with the knife. She isn't very patient.
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Should be tasty one way or the other!biggrin.gif
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Call it whatever you want... I just know it's gonna be good. IMAG0378.jpg 1139k .jpg file
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IMAG0379.jpg 975k .jpg file

A bit more fine then I prefer. Just right for how the bride likes it so guess who won that one.
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Bit more fine? Looks like if it was thin sliced it would make some great sammies!
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Was very tasty just sliced off like that. Thinking I may try to reheat later to pull for beef on weck.
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Looks fairly lean may not be great to pull. I'd try a sample first if it doesn't turn out yoy could go another route. I bet just warmed up with a couple eggs over it would be great.
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I think the wife was going to reheat in the crock pot. Did it once before and it worked well. Just winner if my weck bread will still be good.
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If you want to pull it, cut it down into smaller cubes like 2x2 inches first. 

The crock pot would be a better bet.


But from what I see here, that would probably look really good if it were ran across my slicer a few hundred times..

Take your sharpest knife, sharpen it, and cut that thing as thin as possible across the grain. 

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Looks like a sirloin tip.

They make great sammies, thin sliced across the grain.



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