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so tomorrow it's bbr for the first time.

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I have a large rack of ribs in the fridge in plastic wrap. Going into the smoker tomorrow. I'll try to figure out how to get pix into this thread in the morning. 


I think next might be beef jerky. I want to make it less hard to bite than the kind you buy in the store. What kind of meat should I start with??

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Good luck with the ribs, doing a few racks of them myself tomorrow ! What smoker ya using & what kinda smoke ? Ya gonna wrap or just let em go ?

As far as the jerky question, I'd look into eye of round or London broil !
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All dressed up for tomorrow's big dance !



Jury is still out on the wrapping. I think I will, Using a MES 30 digital. Described in my siggy.I'll use hickory smoke as this is my first smoke and i want to be quite sure I like the smoke. Using Store bought Burbon and brown sugar rub. Going easy on the rub this first time too. My wife and I don't really go for "super seasoned" anything. Like the steaks at Outback for instance only if they leave their seasoning off. 

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Yea, I missed your smoker there in your sig for some reason... Havin one of them days I guess ! LOL. I hear ya on the seasoning, a lot of times we just go with SPOG !

Well, good luck with your ribs ! I'll bet they turn out great ! icon14.gif
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Deleted double post.
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Finally done


This is the result of my first BBR smoke. 


I liked the flavor but was not real impressed with the texture. I suspect my temp may have been low. I set it for 235 degrees. Smoked for 3 hours and wrapped for 1.5 hours. They were sufficiently tender but not REAL tender. I was looking for just short of fall apart tender. Still, all in all I'm please with my first BBR smoke. 

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I know what you're saying, juicy just not tender enough. I've done this too and I suspect the foiling is increasing the cook temp in the packet and you're hot steaming, rendering the fat too hot and fast. i stopped wrapping enirely in the cooker
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It's simple, if the ribs are not as tender as you like them then you didn't cook them long enough.


I smoke my ribs to IT.


195 is tender & juicy.


200 is fall off the bone.



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Thanks Al. BTW I'm Al too. 


I was pretty sure that was it. I blamed it on low temp and that may be an issue too. I have not purchased aftermarket therms yet. But I did take them out at least a half hour earlier than I had originally planned and that was dumb. I think the half hour may not have made a big difference, but I'm convinced it was part of it. Lesson learned. Longer is better. 



Meahwhile they were yummy ribs. 

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