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First try at spatchcock on the kettle

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Hi everyone! A few days ago I did my first chicken on the kettle, after searching this forum I decided to try spatchcock and brining. Used a recipe from Chef JimmyJ. Have to say I'll never do a chicken without it from now on.
Had the mini wsm going at the same time with a rack of ribs, but focused most of my attention on the chicken.
This was the first check after an hour. After another 45 minutes I basted with white sauce from a recipe I found here (can't remember whose), and left it until reached final temperature.
This is the finished product. Was able to keep the kettle at 300-315 pretty consistently, and I used applewood for a bit of smoke. Didn't crisp the skin over direct heat but I think I will next time.
This forum is great, I am still fairly new to smoking and it was a great help along the way, any feedback or suggestions for my next smoke would be great to hear, cheers everyone!
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Tasty looking spatchy!
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Nice chicken!!! 

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how do I get a set of plans for the ceder smoke house

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Beautiful bird!





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