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ice bath question

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Seems like daily I have some sort of stupid question or idea. Here's today's.

 I see most folks smoke their summer sausage then cool it in an ice water bath til it reaches 100 degrees. If you're not supposed to get water on or in the wired end of your therm probe, how are you going to monitor the IT in the ice water bath ? I'm sure I'm missing something here.

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The business end of the probe can get wet.. It's the connection between the wire and the metal probe that you don't want submerged.
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For some reason I envisioned inserting the therm probe in the end of the sausage log. After veiwing some of dirtsailors mega thread I see that he probed them from the side. I guess that would make it far easier to avoid submersing the wired connection.

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It doesn't really take long for them to cool. Just poke one with a digital thermometer and stand there holding it. No need for wires....
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