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Son's birthday

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Hey everyone,
I'm new to posting but not reading the forums and still a newb at smoking, done a few Boston butts, chicken, and cold smoked cheese. The main point is my son's 1 year birthday is coming up and we are having about 40 people attend so I'm looking for ideas of what to smoke to go with the usual hamburgers and hot dogs offered.

Thanks for the help
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Personally I would go with pulled  Pork couple of Butts will feed a lot of people !

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I do family picnics with my crew. Usually about 30 to 50. My Brother man's the grill with burgers and dogs. The family usually asks for Ribs from the smoker, done ahead. Pulled Pork is an easy do ahead as 1st B-Day is the big one everybody shows for. There will be lots of people and commotion the day before and day of. You want to limit what you have hands-on to take care of guests and manage to enjoy the day yourself.

The first year married we hosted the family Christmas party. The Rookie Chef-in-Charge :439:, chose a Menu that required a lot of cooking, day of. I greeted guests and hit the kitchen. Put out an amazing spread. Food was out, I proceeded to clean the kitchen. When done I walked out and said, " Ok let's Party! " I was talking to an EMPTY ROOM...Everyone having young children had to get them home and had left. I NEVER made the mistake of cooking the day of the Party again. All parties are do ahead, Heat and Eat, then I get to participate in the celebration...JJ 

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Could not agree with Chef JJ enough. Cook ahead of time and reheat, Pork Butts improve with flavour when left, then reheated.
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Most things you can cook the day before and re-heat. I almost always cook my pulled pork the day before and ribs reheat well too.

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Yep, what Chef JJ said.

Pulled pork gets nothing but better by hanging out for a day or two.



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THanks guys, I figured pulled pork was a go to and then maybe put out some appetizers with my smoked cheese.
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Couple more questions, how much should a make assuming not everyone will eat pulled pork and would one of those disposable double boiler stern setups be adequate for re heat? The party is not at anyone's house so my options are limited
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With multiple meats, you can figure 4 ounces per person, a small sandwich or scoop on a plate. Some will eat more, some not at all. See math below...Sterno Chafing dishes keep Hot food Hot. They are not recommended for reheating cold food, meat will spend too long in the danger zone. Before you leave to go to party, heat the Pulled Pork above 165°F. I usually add Finishing Sauce and heat just to a simmer, 185°F. Wrap the pan in some old towels and place in a cooler. No cooler, a couple of blankets will work. When you get to the party location. Put the water pan, 1" water, over the sterno and bring to a simmer. Only then can you unpack the hot meat and put it in the chafing setup. This procedure will keep your guests from getting sick from your Pulled Pork...JJ


40 guests X 4oz = 160oz Pulled Pork / 16 = 10Lbs / .5 percent yield = 20 Pounds Raw Butts needed. This has about 10% more built in just in case people eat more of your great Pork than Burgers...:biggrin: If need be, 2 average 8 pound Butts will probably get the job done...

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Thanks a lot chef jimmy
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You're Welcome, we are all here to help...JJ

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