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First Beef Short Ribs

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Sorry, no Q view because I was entertaining guests, but here is the finished product!  Picked up some beef short ribs at Sams Club for $4.19/lb.




Light top coat of Bone Suckin Rub - Steak



Oak with a bit of cherry





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Nice looking ribs,they look real meaty.


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Those are nice meaty ribs!


They look delicious!


Thumbs Up


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yes, nice job


I have been doing short ribs a bit lately.  I live in new england and can't easily find short ribs cut that way. The ones I find are cut up smaller, but they still smoke up very tasty

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WDbbq, Nice smoke on some meaty ribs !

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Did great for the first time.


Wish I could find meaty ribs here.

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Nice looking short ribs! Good pull back on the bones! To get the long ones like that here they have to be special ordered. It's been a while since I made some, but I think you've made me want to splurge a little😋
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Beautiful ribs. Great job. Those Dino bones are hard to find . Most box stores cut them into two inch ribs
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Great looking ribs! Smoke ring looks perfect. Good job.
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Looks great!

I think Beefies gotta be my favorite thing to smoke during the summer!

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For everybody having a hard time finding dino bones, check with your local Sams Club.  I'm in Southern California and have had a heck of a time finding beef ribs, but I checked on the Sam's website and it said they carried this cut at my local store.  The first butcher I asked there told me they only carried de-boned short ribs, but when I asked the other guy he went to the back and brought out a nice cryo with the short ribs. 


$4.19/lb for angus short ribs is a pretty reasonable price in my book!

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Wow those are nice ribs!
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My local butcher here in south jersey said a "full plate"
11 inch bones are about 3 1/2 lbs are 7.95 a lb..
$25.00 ..
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Nice looking ribs!
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I was just thinking about some short ribs too!


Really nice looking short ribs, you did an excellent job.

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Plump and juicy! Nice job! B

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Late Again!!


Just found this, and those Ribs look Awesome!!:drool---------:points:


Nice Job & Great Price!!Thumbs Up



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Paid 3.99 today for Dino "Fred Flintstone" Beef ribs! Not smoking today though will post pics when I do! In the meantime, it's 2 sausage fatties and some beef "short" ribs. Perhaps I should call 'Em Barney Rubble ribs?
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Looks like some good meat on those ribs!

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Righteous Ribs!



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