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Southern Pride VS Friedrich need opinions please...

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Hello and thanks for reading...

Plain and simple, I am looking for opinions on using either a Southern Pride SC-200 digital electronic control smoker -OR- a Friedrich FMP50 analog knob self cleaning smoker at my house for weekend use. I want the electric convenience over wood fired.

I live in the N. East  and plan on leaving this outside year round. It will be covered in the summer and blanket wrapped for the winter when not in use. I want a stainless unit because I am done with Masterbuilt issues of cracking plastic and rust. The 30" is also too small on many occasions. The two I am mentioning above are bigger than I need but can be found used, under the $2500 budget I have.

I want electric and stainless in and out and that includes stainless racks, chip boxes, trays, shelves, etc. I like the digital controls of the SC-200 but I like the self cleaning of the FMP50.

With my current Masterbuilt, if I don't clean it thoroughly, the same day, it becomes a rancid box overnight. Hosing with water while hot, not good enough. Hosing with hot water, not good enough. Using a grill cleaner and scrub brush with hot water is the only thing that works and it sucks to have to do it on the same day and it makes a huge mess.

I am assuming that a stainless interior will make a big difference in cleaning.

Others have chrome plated racks and shelves or are too expensive.

Any insight, experience, help, advice or anything will be appreciated...

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I've had 3 MES Units:

I sold the MES 30, because I wanted the bigger MES 40, with the window & remote.

I bought the MES 40, and have it for 7 years. It still works fine.

I now have a second MES 40 for 2 years, and it works fine too.


None of them have gotten any "Broken Plastic" parts, and ZERO Rust on any of them.

I keep them on my Front porch, and keep a cover on when not in use.

I would never use a hose on anything electric, and I wouldn't use it in the rain.


As for cleaning, all that needs cleaning is the grill racks that touch the meat, and I keep my Door Window clean too.

The rest is only occasionally cleaned, such as changing the foil on the floor & on the water pan, and wiping anything loose on the ceiling & walls that might fall off onto the food. I also clean the 2 sensors on the inside back wall to keep the heat working properly.


That's about it. 

Hope that helps.




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