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Fresh pork shoulder cook time

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Ok I bought a hog from a farmer. Twice now I have tried smoking a 3 pound fresh shoulder. I have smoked them tons of times before but they came from a grocery store. These last two fresh ones have taken way longer to smoke then the store bought ones. Is there a reason for the difference in times from a fresh shoulder versus a store bought shoulder that would totally change the smoked times. I know you smoke to temp not time but usually I can estimate the time but the difference is totally throwing me off and I'm way over shooting my estimated completed times. I smoke them usually around 230. Very frustrating.

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Most store bought shoulders have been "enhanced" with a solution. So that may be part of it. Maybe the fresh shoulders are denser, meatier, less fatty?
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That's what my thinking is there less fatier and more solid meat. Just trying to figure this problem out.
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