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smokingal 20,000 post

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Congrats my friend and for all the help you have given to many.  :77:



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Thanks Warren!


I think I need to get a life & get off the computer.



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Wow 20000 posts..... so thats a gold watch right? That goes to show how passionate you are with q-ing and helping other. Hopefully we can see another 20000 post. If you want 20001 post ive noticed you havent posted on my build ☺haha

Well done mate and behalf of everyone you helped thank you!!!!
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Yep know what you mean since I join this forum I spent a lot of time on here but it's making some great friends. Look forward to seeing the new post by many whom I now recognize. My computer knowledge is self taught 2 fingers and getting faster everyday LOL  Have a great day my friend.



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Al is always there to help others out and answer everyone's questions!  Congrats!

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A great achievement by a great pit master! Kudos, Al.



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Wow all these milestones! Congrats Al!
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 Way to go, Al. Keep up the good work.



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Morning Al....  Well, you've really helped me over the years...   Learning me how to cook low and slow....   best advice ever was to smoke then cook butts at 200-210....   Never fails to produce and awesome, moist butt...  Keep up the rent payment on the internet...    Folks deserve to learn your patience and tricks.... 

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Thanks Warren!

I think I need to get a life & get off the computer.

What do mean, get a life? 7 years of enjoying a hobby & helping others sounds like good life to me!
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