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Hey all, I have an MES 30. Lately I have been getting a funny taste to my smoked food, almost metallic. I  keep the water pan and inside clean, doesn't matter what type of wood, Hickory, pecan, oak. Do you guys put wood in the tray while the smoker is heating, or only after it is at full temp, Thanks.


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Sounds like creosote.


Are you getting thick white smoke?


The smoke should be barely noticeable, thin blue smoke.



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Sometimes yes, that's why Im wondering if I should put wood in the tray right off the bat, instead of waiting till smoker is at full temp. Have a bullet smoker, never had this happen with it, same wood also. Thanks Al.


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yeahthat.gif thin blue not heavy white smoke.



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Cant figure it out, maybe I will clean the inside of the unit, although I was told most don't really scrub them.

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