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Mini wsm or the 14.5

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Let's just start by saying this is coming from a completely unhandy kinda guy. I'm just debating the effectiveness of using my 22.5 everytime I want to smoke something no matter how small. Real question is does a 14.5 work better than a mini built by a nitwit. I'm sure I could follow directions closely and build a so so mini but would the extra hundy be worth it in the long run. Thanks
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Both preform the same. I have home built mini-wsm's and a buddy has a 14.5" WSM. We smoke side by side and both work equally aw well.


I also have a 18.5". I use my mini-wsm 98% of the time. Really only use the 18 when doing full racks of ribs.


As for building the hardest part of the build is finding a tamale pot that fits. The vasconia pot that fits the best is no longer available unless there's one buried deep on some remote shelf somewhere. The Imusa pot also is hard to find. A local place here has a brand "hoffritz" which fits perfectly.  So finding a pot may be an issue.

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That's my biggest thing, I'm doing a fatty this morning and I got to use my 22.5. Do gurus work on the 14.5 also? I'm gonna buy a digiq dx2 and it recommends I buy the 10cfm. I don't really know if I'll even use it on the smaller one as I would be using it for smaller cooks. Will a pork butt fit easily on a 14.5? I guess ribs won't or a brisket but a whole chicken or 2?
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There are those that have used guru's and other fans for temp regulation. I do not, never had a problem just using vents. I've had two 9 pound pork butts in my mini (was a tight fit, using upper and lower racks). 12 pound picnic roast. Do 5-8 pound turkey breasts, and 3-6 bone prime rib several times a year.  Full racks of ribs have to be cut in half or rolled. you could get two whole chickens using two racks or if you stood them up on the upper rack. I spatchcock all my chicken so you can only get one per rack. You can get a brisket in if separate the flat from the point and use two racks.

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Is it easier to use the 14.5 when u r just cooking for 2, I mean I can just use my 22.5 but are therected real benefits to the smaller?
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Well we pack ours for camping. It's easier to move around the yard/house than my 18. It burns way less fuel. I overload my charcoal baskets and light with a torch. When the cooks done I close up all the vents to snuff the fire. Next cook I shake off the ash and dump the ash add more fuel, repeat. Only time I start with all fresh is if I'm going for a long smoke, 8 hours +.

We're a family of 4 and the mini is my go to smoker.
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Or should I say the heck with that idea and save a cpl more bucks and add a smokin it 3d to the porch? I'm really thinking that could be the way to go.
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Why not just make a small charcoal basket ? It will allow you to control the heat and fuel,to cook for the 2 of you.It is only 2 of us here and I have the 18.5 WSM with 3 different size charcoal baskets


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Does that work pretty good tropics, I never really thought of that tbh
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I just got the 18.5 I used the 2 different baskets with my mini,and it worked for me. My mini was destroyed in a fire that is why I have the WSM


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Just to add my two cents, I am the definition of "un-handy" and I was able to complete a mini wsm. I absolutely love it. I have a cheapo offset that is very inefficient so having the mini has been amazing. I would recommend the mini in a heartbeat.
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