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Partial filling of the AMNTS

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For electric smokers the AMNTS generally puts out too much smoke, so with Todd's (of amazen products) advice, I fill the tube at 60% full, then turn the tube horizontally and shake it, ending up with basically a half full row of pellets. But what if I wanted to do this but only do a half tube's worth.

Found this piece of 1-3/8" steel tube out in my shop. Then found a large washer with an OD of 1-1/2" which is a tad smaller than the opening of the AMNTS end cap. Got out Mr. Miggy, the welder and connected the washer to the end of the tube. Now I can easily fill a AMNTS 25% full, insert the tube to whatever postion I want and shake the tube horizontally. The end result will now be just a partial of the tube being partially filled.







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Text finally added to the pics above.  Thanks for waiting.

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Great idea. Where's the salmon pics?
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Here's a link to the fish I just smoked:
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