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cream cheese stuffed tenderloin

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I have been stuffing pork loins so I decided to stuff a couple of tenderloins.I trimmed them up ,sliced em and pounded them flat


I sauteed a few mushrooms and then smeared minced garlic and cream cheese on the meat


I added chives and mushrooms to the mix , rolled /tied and wrapped in bacon after peppering the outside


Here is the presmoked pic and after smoking for 2 hours at 225* with hickory chips.I seared them quickly on the grill to crisp up the bacon.


A couple of money shots of the sliced tenderloin, came out quite tasty. Thanks for looking !


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CM you nailed that dish WOW I haven't had a tender loin in years. Points for a great dish


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I would eat that, sure looks good to me.



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Thanks guys , it was scrumptious !

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That sure looks tasty!
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Im gonna be trying this very soon!Looks great thanks for sharing!
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Wow!  those look great.  I always think about stuffing things with cream cheese and I never do it.  I have to try this!  Points!!

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WOW.  They look great.

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Wow!!  Those look terrific!  I'm definitely doing this one soon!




Nicely done CM!



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Great job, CM!


I've always done the loins, but after seeing your tenderloins, I'm going to have to try one myself.


I really like the ingredients you used, looks very tasty!





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Outstanding Job, CM !!!Thumbs Up


Looks Mighty Tasty, and like Al, I love the Stuffings you used!!:drool-------------:points:


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up



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Sorry, this post proves it shouldn't be Crazy Moon, it should be Over The Moon! Great looking loin, CM.


Points for a work of art.



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Tasty looking loin!
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