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Smoked Ribeye Steak w/ Q-View

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Hi all,


I started off on an MES 30 and a couple weeks ago got a 22.5 Weber Great Smokey Mountain, which I love.  One of my favorites on my MES was to smoke and reverse sear a steak, and I had some trouble getting temps to the right level on my WSM when I did a brisket about a week ago, I think because it was still really new, so I wanted to get some more practice and see if the long brisket smoke helped dull it a bit inside and improve things.


So yesterday I got a pretty thick Ribeye and did the following:


Lightly seasoned the ribeye with some pepper and garlic salt

Let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours.


6PM - Started about 1/3 chimney of charcoal, added some hickory and oak and assembled smoker once coals were ready

6:20ish - Added steak once the temp in the WSM was about 180 at the level I was cooking it.  I also moved the lower level cooking grate to right above the charcoal so I could put the steak there once I was done smoking it.

6:20-7:15 - I let it smoke while keeping the temp in the WSM at 200 by closing all vents but the top vent which was wide open.  It maintained 200 basically perfectly, which made me very happy.  When I did the brisket I couldn't keep it under 260 even with all vents closed.

7:15 - Opened all vents on the WSM to full, at this point the steak was about 200 IT.  I wanted to get the coals going a bit so I could move it down to sear.

7:30 - WSM temp at the smoking level was about 240, took off the Mid and Top of the WSM and threw the steak on the smoking grate I had moved down right on top of the charcoal pan.

7:40ish - Steak hit 128-130 so I pulled it.  Next time I will put it a bit earlier, temp moved really quick on me, as it went from about 130 to 142 after I took it off


Let it sit a little bit and ate it.  It was amazing!  Way better smoke flavor than I ever got from the MES, and I was thrilled how well it held the temp without any work on my part.




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Steak looks great!



Love that smoker!

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Looks & Sounds like you ate Real Good!!!:drool


Home Made Chips too???




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That's a good looking steak!


Gotta love those WSM's!!



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Nice looking ribeye!
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Looks good! I have a Mes 30 as well and just recently picked up a Weber kettle to play around with. Can't believe how good of a smoke flavour I get out of it to. Ribs are amazing on them if you haven't tried it yet, get a real nice some ring to.
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I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread when I was hungry...Now I'm starving. But it shouldn't be about me, POINTS!

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