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Gumbo Pot Pie

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Smoked chicken is a leftover dish. It is better the next day, as so of any dish cooked with it. I spatch'ed this chicken. It is pulled after resting then used as sandwich meat or ............


Lets start with some shrimp seasoned with Dewey's Cajun dust, but Lets strain a can of tomato's, okra, and corn ( cheaters trinity ) yet reserve the liquid.


Now saute'e 1/2 Lb medium shrimp cut in half, and 1/2 Lb of andouille sliced thinly in 2 tbsp of clarified butter to 1 tbsp of EVOO


The shrimp / sausage mixture is strained from the drippings. 2 Tbsp of flour browned in the drippings. The reserved canned cheaters trinity poured in. Then 1/2 cup water to thin the roux. Whisk until smooth, and remove from heat.

Now we mix the, 1/2 Lb of smoked chicken / the shrimp and sausage with the tomato / okra / corn, and 1 cup cooked rice. 

Stuff a pie shell .

Spoon the roux over the filling.


Top with another pie sell, and remember to wrap edges with foil to keep them from over browning. Bake for 1 hour at 350 f or until golden brown. 



I love my next day pie!!!

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Looks tasty!
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That really looks good!


I'm not a big okra fan, but the rest sounds awesome!





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Pretty creative use of leftover Chicken...JJ

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Gumbo in a pie? Brilliant!


Points for innovation.



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Thank you all. Its always been one of my favorite leftover meals.

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F20, the pot pie looks delicious !

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