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fresh sausage

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I need some help. I am new at smoking and wanted to smoke sausage for flavor only. I intend to freeze it then finish it on the grill when I get ready to eat. So, my question is, how long and at what temp do I smoke the sausage just to give it the smoke flavor?


Thanks for any help!

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For fresh no Cure Sausage, you really should Hot Smoke 225 to an IT of 165°F. Any low IT partial cooking or just smoke is risky. If no option to smoke in the future, then get to an IT of 145 and hold there 30 minutes. This will take it to medium and Pasteurize it for future finishing as desired...JJ

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I use a cure in the mix. Also, i am not wanting to "cook" the sausage I am only wanting to add the smoke flavor then I will pack it and freeze it. when I get ready to eat I will cook it on the grill. Again, I am new at this and someone tell me that I could "smoke it" for flavor then cook it later. I have also seen Conecuh sausage packages that say "smoked sausage" - "cook and serve". I assumed this is what was meant by smoking for flavor?​

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As long as you have the proper amount of cure in the sausage you can smoke it & freeze it. Then cook it later.



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Your title was Fresh Sausage, as in no cure. If you used Cure #1, Smoke at any temp to a color you like and freeze. This is not unlike Bacon, cold smoked, stored and cooked later...JJ

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