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Chicken quarters on the EBC

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time for smoking session number 3 on my EBC. Chicken quarters were 80 cents a lb again. Some day i'll do ribs but with chicken that cheap its hard to switch it up. Took me about an hour to get the dang thing fired up (weather was rainy/snowy at the start) stupid minnesota, but eventually i got it to do it's thing. Nothing special on these bad boys, soaked in saltwater for about 2 hours then covered in olive oil and some weber KC bbq rub for another hour. 





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here's a few more of getting the smoke started. Unfortunately with the EBC i seem to have to do a mid smoke stir to keep it going. Can't wait to get a weber. also note how the stock thermometer is already junk after 3 smokes. Thank god i added an aftermarket one






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Looks good!

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Looks like a great start!


How did they turn out?



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Looks great what were your sides :biggrin:

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The turned out okay. The weather didn't get as good of results as last time but once it warms up it should get easier. Sides we just went basic with some greens and baked sweet potatoes with some cinnamon
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