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Beef blade/chuck 2nd smoke ever

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So tonight i did my first chuck roast.

Cooking temp of 235
Was put on at 11:30am
Fuel was charcoal
Smoked by hickory
Beef blade 1.5kg for us aussies
Beef chuck 3.3lb??? For those in usa

All went well once i got the temp under control from fluctuations. Under the cut i had a tray to collect any drippings and to the side closer to the firebox i had another trsy of beef stock/broth.

Every hour i would grab some stock and moisten the cut. I found when i hit about 138°f that i hit a stall so i wrapped it for the remainder.

Took temp to 150 and pulled it and placed to rest for 1 hour.

End result bloody tops i think for only my second time smoking. Meat was moist good strong smoke ring was really nice.

Lessons learnt. Try and thin the smoke out as the flavor was a tad over powering. And take it along abjt more before pulling it as we prefer our meat medium to well rather than medium rare

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I'm glad it turned out well for you.


If that is a chuck roast, then we cook them just like a butt.


At 150, I would think it would be pretty chewy.


195-205 would be a better temp to pull it out at.


195 for slicing, 205 for pulling. It will be very tender then.



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DK, sounds and looks good !

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It was definitely not chewy mate melt in ya mouth and very very moist. But i will be taking it further until i wrap it or pull it next time
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Looks delicious Davekat!

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