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First Packer Brisket

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I picked up an 11# choice packer this week for about $3/#.

They had been forecasting mid 40's for today, but now they're saying that's tomorrow, and it's not going to be above freezing all day. Unfortunately, I'll be away from the house all day tomorrow.

Trimmed it up and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Got it on the UDS at about 6:15 this morning. Got it going at about 250. Hopefully be done by midnight?
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Good luck!


Sounds like tough weather to be smoking in.



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Good luck!

Sounds like tough weather to be smoking in.


Definitely not what I had hoped for. This might be hard for someone who's used to all that central Florida sun, if the wind stays down, it isn't too bad out. Been checking temps in a sweatshirt.

Almost 2 hours in, 27 degrees outside, 265 inside.
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Foiled after about 8 hours.

Struggling to get consistent temps on the UDS. Just the valve = too cold, just one cap open = too hot :(

I think I need a different valve. Using a 3/4" gate valve.

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Looks good so far! I don't know much about a UDS but living in northern Minnesota I know plenty about smoking in the cold. Wind is the big factor. I have smoked in a heavy snowfall and have made it work just fine. I use a stick burner so you just throw another stick or two on.

This was in April 2 years ago at the hunting shack. My old girl always keeps a close eye on things!!


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Cold is a challenge I don't have to deal with!  Let us know how it comes out.

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Overall pretty disappointing. Last week I did a flat, and it had much better flavor. Unfortunately this point on this brisket wasn't done. It was very tough and inedible (put it in the oven).

While the flat was very tender, the smoke flavor just wasn't there. Next time, I won't foil.

Also, the first brisket I did was local beef from the local butcher. I know many people say you can get good brisket from Wally beef, but I wonder.

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Sounds like you have a plan for next time, more smoke and local beef.  When you say Wally Beef, are you saying the brisket was from Walmart?  I cooked steaks from there one time and wasn't happy how they came out, that may be the source of the problem.

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