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Feral hogs

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I ran a search but haven't found anything on curing meats from feral hogs. Anyone have any input on working with the animal itself? We have an infestation starting. Now i will say we had a young man who cut himself while butchering one and got a bacterial infection that almost killed him. Most peeps are just chucking the meat.

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Freeze the meat below zero for 30 days, if I remember correctly...


The infection could have come from what was on the hide....  Wear Kevlar gloves with surgical gloves..   Wear a breathing mask....  goggles....

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Wear latex gloves. Process the meat then freeze as you would any wild game.
Cook the meat to done and you are good.
If you grind and cure you will be ok.

Those finger infections happen from staff more than trig. Just saying .
I am not trying to minimize here trig is bad but wild hogs get shot and processed quite frequently without any effects.
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Feral Hogs, like any wild meat, can carry a whole variety of bacteria and parasites. Extra caution should be exercised during handling and processing but the Freezing and Cooking Guidelines are the same as any Carnivorus Game . There is a TON of misinformation out there about how eating feral hog can make you sick. My conspiracy radar wonders if most of it is put out by the American Pork Counsel...JJ

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⤴️ yes exactly 🔝
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