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Greenhorn here

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Hello everyone, I'm from Cincinnati and I've been looking into getting a smoker for a few years now. My wife finally delivered this past Christmas. I have a smoke hollow pro 44 (newest version from Sams club) that I seasoned and already had a pork shoulder done. After the first smoke I knew I would have to do some sealing mods to it. Normal stuff that sounds pretty common like the door and seams in the metal from manufacturing and assembly. Looking forward to hearing some good ideas from everybody. Thanks
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Welcome to SMF!


I found this using the search bar at the top.


Hope it helps.



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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site.
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Welcome to the group!  Like Al said, the search bar at the top is great!  Glad to have you an this great site!



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Thanks everybody. Smok'n ribs now. A little windy but I will persevere. The wind does seem to have a major effect on my gas smoker.
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