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First time Tri-tip

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The Midwest isn't the first place you'd go looking for tri-tip. In fact none of my family, friends, or smoking buddies here in Michigan have ever smoked, grilled, or cooked it to the best of my knowledge.

So when I was at the butcher shop a few weeks ago I asked if they ever sell it (it's never at the meat counter). They said they don't sell much of it but if I wanted they could get me some. It was $5.99 a pound and I just had them cut me 25 pounds of choice ribeye steaks at an outstanding $3.99 a pound so I passed. Figured I'd get it next time.

Freezer space is tight after getting my hog a few weeks ago from a farming buddy, and then adding 30 pounds of beef from another local farming buddy. Fowlerville is producing some top quality pork, and beef these days.

So I was shocked when I opened an email from the butcher last week that advertised tri-tip for $3.99 a pound. I stopped up there after work Thursday and bought 4 of them.

Chucked one in a bag this afternoon with a can of Coke, Sriracha, Worcester, and garlic. A few hours later I pulled it out and rubbed it down SPOG style and put it in the smoker with hickory pellets. Took just over 2 hours at 200-210 to get it to 133 degrees. From there it hit the Weber for a few minutes a side at 600 degrees for a nice reverse sear.

This was my first tri-tip and it came out great. For $3.99 a pound on sale I'll be smoking a lot more of it.

Out of the marinade and rubbed down.

Out of the foil after 45 minutes of rest.

First few slices.

All 2.5 pounds of it sliced.

I put a few slices on Italian bread with a generous amount of horseradish. It was phenomenal. I'm
Sure I can learn a ton more about preparing and smoking it but for my first time I'm happy.

The Wonder Dog, and the new pup Scout laying around bummed out because I wasn't sharing.
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Tri tip is tasty! Nice smoke!

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I appreciate it sailor, and yes sir it is tasty!
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I Have never seen a Tri Tip in any of the Sams or other places I go. That does really look tasty 




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Looks delicious!


Great job!



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Way to find some! My local GFS carries it in bulk there price is currently $3.55#. Looks like a tasty smoke!icon14.gif
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Thanks Al.

Ask your local butcher market Richie. It's not advertised here in Michigan at all.

3.55 is a great price b-one! At 3.99 I was happy! It's a nice quick smoke and it tastes great! Definitely gonna have to do some for the next Michigan fattie contest.
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