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Bratwurst - Fresh and Smoked

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I have a cousin that makes some awesome Bratwurst, and this Christmas he brought me some of the seasoning he makes for them.  I had about 15 lbs of pork shoulder in the freezer so I thawed it out and got started.  I ended up curing and smoking 5 lbs worth and keeping the other 10 or so fresh.  Turned out awesome.  Now if only I can talk him out of his recipe :hockeyeurbaston:


Mixing Seasoning before grinding. I ground thru the medium plate once.

Fresh Links

Cured links going into smoker

All done

Thanks for Looking! Beer.gif

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The sausage looks awesome, now you need to get the recipe.
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R21, nice job on the sausage ,it looks delicious!

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Hope you can get the recipe that does look good,I just did some fresh and smoked Kielbasa last week Thanks I may have to try some Brats




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That does look nice!  Sometimes getting a recipe out of someone is a chore.  

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Great looking sausage. Maybe you should get your cousin to join SMF. People here seem eager to share their best recipes with each other.



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