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Its way to early to predict the weather...but  usually its just an occasional thunderstorm. Weather has always been good. There is plenty of shelter if there is rain and the large building/kitchen/ lounge area.


hope to see ya there



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Jax I sent you a PM hopefully it works out. Dothan is certainly an option as well I was there this week and it is about 1:15-1:30 hours drive but an easy drive with little traffic

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special ordered 10 lbs of raw fatback to add to some sausages for next weekend. Came in today. ..............Thumbs Up


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2thumbs.gif Ready or Not, here I come!!!




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Thanks for forgiving.  Keith, I hope no hard feelings.  I was frustrated as my whole family has been looking forward to this for some time and they started giving me grief about not being able to attend. I should have handled it better.


We will be there.  May swing by Friday afternoon/evening as we make our way to Dothan.  But we will be there Saturday.


I'm bringing a big bag of pork rinds.  Have a fryer ready.

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Looking forward to it! I got to start packing haha

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Staging since yesterday... Pack the truck tomorrow and hit the road at 4am wed.. should be there by 2pm, I wont forget my suitcase and meds this year....lol

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Y'all pack rubber boots or extra shoes it may be wet. We are going to carry on and have fun but we may be doing that in the rain but then again it wouldn't be the first time. It started raining here last Thursday and didn't really stop till late yesterday and they say another day or two of it this week. Smokers and wood are under the pole barn where they've been since before the rain started.


Joe your spot will be ready when you get here looking forward to it

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Joe, Keith give us some progress reports during the trip so we'll know to be looking for ya. I know Joe won't call unless he breaks down! LOL

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I'm pulling out early Thur. morning (hopefully) .. should be arriving around lunch time or soon thereafter
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I really am heart broken that we cant make it this year. . But with sherries back and me stepping out the shower sat am and stepping on the dog and falling.  i have a pulled muscle in my back now.( happy happy joy joy ) i am having a hard time making a work day. we will return!!!

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Bob.. as was stated earlier.. both of y'all will be missed dearly... but we know that health is more important ... and as you say... we'll see ya next time around ...
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Bob you know y'all will be missed. I know about that falling too did that trick yesterday still hurting.


The roads coming in are wash boards so go slow and easy. Those with RV's that road is also like a wash board but is driveable. The road just inside the gate is underwater not deep maybe up to the bottom of the rim. It is solid under it and shouldn't be a problem. Just don't make a wrong turn I went down earlier and was going to drain the road got down where the corn was last year and buried the tractor 40 minutes of fun getting it out.

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See you soon Bob you and Sherrie get better. Will miss you guys!!!!!!
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LOL.. keep going Jerry and your gonna talk me right out of coming... what about the other way in (over by the house).. is it any better ??
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Keith you won't have any problem getting in, both ways in the roads are rough. Best I can tell we got over 7" of rain in the last 4 days

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Originally Posted by BAMAFAN View Post

Joe, Keith give us some progress reports during the trip so we'll know to be looking for ya. I know Joe won't call unless he breaks down! LOL

or forget my luggage ......lol

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I forgot about that Joe was pretty dam funny:biggrin:
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and his shoes...
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Ya'll get ready for some bread making.. The humidity will be a plus....................

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