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Need advice on MES 30" Model No. 20070312

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Looking to up-grade my older MES 30 with the newer 20070312; I use an separate digital meat probe and the built in meat probe on this new model appealed to me.  I have been unable in my research to confirm that I can set an internal temp on the control panel and the smoker cuts off when the target internal temp is reached.  Can someone confirm this?   Overall, this unit gets good reviews, but I have read reviews which stated the built in meat probe is very inaccurate; can anyone comment on this.

If any one can offer me any advice or assistance on this model it would be very appreciated.




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No the smoker will not shutoff when the IT is hit. It is not real accurate either. Your better off with an external therm like a Maverick.

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Thanks for your reply; that's a deal breaker for me.  IMHO, it makes absolutely no sense, given the digital control panel and built in meat probe, for the unit not to turn off when the internal temp is met.  I will just stay with my old MES 30 and use my meat probe, especially given mine is likely more accurate than the built in probe. 



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The Electronics on the model posted is really just a Thermostat Control, no brains to accept commands...You can add an Auber  WSD-1500GPH to what you have. This will give tighter temp control and has the brains to sound alarm when programmed IT is met or will reduce to a Hold temp for you, safer than shutting the heat off. For around $200 bucks it is cheaper than a new MES and has the features you are looking for...JJ

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Chef Jimmy J:


Thank you for your post. The older model I have has the digital panel where I can set the time and temp only and it will cut off when the time is up. When I first started I often would put something on, set   the time I wanted it to smoke, then was free to do other stuff or leave the house for awhile and it would cut off when the time was up.  Worked out well for me, but later I learned that there are so many variables I really needed to smoke to an internal temp.  I then bought an external digital meat probe; I feed the probe down the air vent and into the meat, put the display on the door and set the internal temp I want.  It has a alarm that go's off when the internal temp was met.  The main reason I was looking at the 20070312 was I was hoping the built in meat probe would cut the unit off when the internal temp was reached and allow me to run to town, do chores or whatever and not have to watch the meat probe temp so close.  If I'm reading your post correctly I can add the Auber  WSD-1500GPH to the 20070312 and it will offer better temp control and sound an alarm when the internal temp is hit (I have the alarm now with external probe), the temp hold is nice but I'm not real how that will help me.  I routinely cook 10-12# boston butts at 230F'ish and set my meat probe alarm temp to 190F.  Would the Auber  WSD-1500GPH allow me to set the unit to adjust the smoker heat to hold the internal temp at  190F?  The temp hold is a nice feature, but that's not was I am looking and $200 is pretty rich for what it adds to what I already have.  You mentioned that the temp hold is "safer than shutting the heat off',  Are yo referring to food safety (have the meat setting in a cold smoker if I don't take it out in a timely manner) or is there another safety concern?


Again, thank you for your help.



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 Would you bake off a pan of Lasagna, turn off the oven and leave it there while you went shopping a couple of hours? You are asking the Smoker to do this very thing. Safety wise it is important to keep Hot food Hot (140°F+) and Cold foods Cold (<40°F). Anywhere in between and Bacteria can get on the food, from the air, insects, whatever and start multiplying. Now you may say, " I plan to re-heat, when I get to it and that will kill the bacteria..." True, but that is not all that you need to worry about. Many Bacteria make Toxins as they multiply and some are not affected by heat. It is these Toxins that can make you sick and some are deadly. Many Restaurants cook the long cook foods for the dinner rush early in the day. When done, 3-4 pm,  the food is moved to holding ovens, set at 140-150°F and it is kept at that safe temp, bacteria in the air can't start growing, and the food is ready to go when folks start coming to dinner. The Auber does the same thing and can be added to the smoker you have.. The meat is smoked to your desired IT and if you are not going to be home, can be programmed to reduce the smoker temp to 140°F, out of the danger zone where bacteria grows, and that meat, Pork Butts, can stay there for many hours without drying out or overcooking. If the Auber held at 190°F the  Pork would be mushy and dried out. Holding at 140, when you get to it, the Pork is hot and ready to eat. Most importantly, it is safe because it didn't sit in a Cold smoker for a couple of hours.


There are many Ovens and some Smokers that sound an alarm when the food reaches a set IT and there are those that reduce the temp and hold the food hot...But I can't think of any that just simply turn off...That could be Dangerous...Hope this helps...JJ

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