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There's a reason why I started wife's cooking.

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I am new to this site and new to smoking. Reside currently in Chanhassen, MN with a large family that has loved everything I have have experimented with in my Masterbuilt 40" electric smoker.


Just a little story of the type of persuasion I had from my wife to try smoking....

Thanksgiving she decided to handle everything.....bought one of these all in one packages. She put the turkey in the oven in a foil pan....partway into the cook, she found out she had poked a hole in the pan and drippings started to flare up....this is where her culinary skills took over....


She opened the oven door and started to pull the foil tray out with the turkey....should have used the enameled roasting pan. As the tray was pulled out, the weight of the bird took over. Out it rolled onto the oven door and then on to the floor....


She grabs a towel and plops the bird onto the oven door. Her thought process had to have been skewed by the frantic moment. Without thinking, she assumed the bird was contaminated, so why she did this....I have absolutely no idea....She grabbed a can of Lysol, believing it would disinfect any contamination......


Lets set the oven, flaming drippings, and aerosol disinfectant....


You get the picture....She sprays the turkey and wooooosh.....a flaming turkey and fire ball to boot. She chooses to grab my 30 qt canning and throw the turkey in there. Took the racks out of the oven and slides the whole thing into the oven and proceeds to continue cooking.


I get home, having worked the day to a beautiful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, turkey didn't taste that bad, maybe a little dry. That's when the kids stated to spill to story about the flaming turkey and she starts to cry.


I now have a new smoker.

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Smoke n saint, welcome to SMF!  As my wife just said as I read her your story, "You can make that stuff up!" 


Welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here............really glad!


Have fun!



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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing that story. Very funny! And congrats on the new smoker.

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My wife read this and said "this can't be real"!

Sure glad no one was injured other than pride.

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Welcome and thanks for the laugh. Somebody has got to ask,    Is she by chance BLONDE ??

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As I was reading your story, and picturing it in my head, I could see my wife in the starring role! Welcome aboard -- you're going to fit in very well here :-)
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First let me say  :welcome1:  To SMF.  Now let me say wow what a dangerous thing this could of turned out to be lucky you still have a home. But however I see a different side of this wife pretty smart you now has been relieved of her cooking duties. Smart women right?  Enjoy the sight.

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Fat finger again that should be She not you. She has been relieve of  cooking duties you are now the cook.

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Great story! I can sympathize too. My wife told me she wanted to go somewhere she's never been and see things she's never seen...... so I took her to the
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