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Love my tube!! 2.5 - 3 hour smoke with 50/50 hickory/apple... for any cheese. Wrap for 3 weeks. Then cut seems to work best for me. (about 6"" of a 12" tube) Cool days/nights. 

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Looks like this thread has been revived, so I will share also


I cold smoke my cheese a little different, we do not have a need for an intact full chunk. It does not last very long around here for long term storage. 


I take a standard small block package and slice it about 3/8 thick and lay the slices out flat on my racks and cold smoke about 20 min.  Then let set a little while and package up in zip-locks to store in the frig.  Have frozen a few times, but it gets a little grainy but still usable.


We do cheddar, cheddar/jack. mozzarella, pepper jack and others.  Tried some other woods, but our preference is hickory.  Great for a quick little snack or to melt into mac and cheese or something like that.



Everyone's cold smoke setup will be different, but slicing makes it much quicker and more even.


I built a whisky barrel cold smoker in the mid 70's that I do my cheese on, make jerky and re-smoke store bought bacon on.  Ck out my post #8 in this thread.


Great ideas for smoking everything on this site.  Keep experimenting and find what works best for you.  Good luck

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