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yea it will be an all day event for sure. whats a good thermometer monitor the temp inside the smoker its self. i got a maverick 732 for the meat. kinda forgot about the temp in the unit. im just going to assume the one it comes with will be junk

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The Maverick 732 has two probes,  one for the smoke chamber and a meat probe for your chow.


THe "air" probe is the one in this picture, that is in the spring clip that attaches to your cooker grate.




You should be good to go with this set-up.


Enjoy your smoking day and best luck.

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nice. didnt realise that thanks for the heads up. on the maverick

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I have a new MES and the factory temp probes are only a few degrees off of the Maverick. Either way do a boil test, boil a pot of water and stick your probes in without touching sides/bottom of pan. If you are at/around sea level should read 212 degrees. If not then you know how many degrees off you are. A great trick I learned here!
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that is a good idea thanks never would have thought of that, i also have a question. ive been reading and i keep seeing direct and in direct heat...i guess im confused. with my type of smoker wouldnt it be indirect heat or am i mistaken

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Yes, so direct and indirect I've always used with my Webber kettle grills. Direct obviously is charcoal directly under your food and indirect charcoal off to the side. For years I used indirect for things like tri tip and ribs in my webber because it lowered the direct heat applied directly to surface and lengthened cooking time. However, it still tends to be at higher temps (350ish) and most consider either direct or indirect "grilling". With your smoker you are trying to maintain a steady lower temp to really slow cook and smoke meats (traditionally under 275). There is a newer high temp smoking movement going on, but that's just confusing to me so I stick with generally accepted temperatures as the guide! Hope this helps!
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well the smoker came in and i put it all together they shorted me an igniter :( but anyway i got the cast iron pan for the chips as others have suggested. i also put the weber pan in place of the water tray wich is pointless since the original water tray is the same size as the webber pan. and i put a gasket around both doors and my other goodies came in the mail today:) im excited for tom. afternoon

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Congrats! Looks like you almost are there! Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
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you and me both lol

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I don't know if I'd be able to sleep.  Probably just have to put something in the smoker immediately.  :banana_smiley:

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ha ha i heavily debated that last nite. haha

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So I've fired up the smoker and seasoned it. Didn't have time for a shoulder but I did cook 2 burgers as a trial run.......wow r they good. Shoulder Tom.
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Nothing wrong with a good burger and they are better smoked than not.


The weekend is almost here.

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all prepped and ready. 5:30 it begins

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The anticipation begins.  Come on 5 :30.

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Waiting to see how it goes!
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Well the shoulder went on at 5:30 and then at 8 I put on some bacon and breakfast sausage yumm. Soooo I'm nearing the end of the road for the shoulder. I've read so many difftemps to pull it off at its sittn at 170 rite now
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Finished temp depends on weather you want to pull or slice your butt. 205*F for pulling, 180*F for slicing.



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thanks duke.

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Pulled it at 180 for sandwich slicing turned out great
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