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Smokin a fresh ham ...

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I have a large fresh bone in ham from a pig we had butchered and I could sure use some expert advice on how to brine it , what to brine it with, how long to brine it , a good
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Bump! I've never done a fresh ham but the search feature should be very useful if you haven't checked it out!
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You want to make ham? It needs cured
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You will need to inject the curing solution along the bones and in the joints to prevent bone sour. It will need to be refered for 2 weeks or longer while sitting in a curing solution... I suggest using Pops brining solution..
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Well somehow I'm just finding out the ham we're picking up was already cured by the butcher so it looks like I'll just be smoking it, wich is fine but I was really excited about using pops curing method. That's for so much useful info . I love learning from the wealth of knowledge on this site , you can't beat it . I'm moving on to the smoking phase of the big ole ham
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