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As of a few years ago, my old neighbor still had his high school, '78 Camaro. Not sure how he kept it going, as his repair tool of choice was usually a 2x4.

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my high school buddy had a 72 Camaro . he put two amps and had a total of tweleve speakers in it . i think thats when i lost my hearing! did many a lap thru town on a friday night in the eighties to the big hair bands ..........the good ole days !


Happy Smoking!

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My twin  brother's best friend in high school bought a 66 Camaro RS when they were first released...Boy did we have fun in that car!


Care Cruses are really big here in the Pittsburgh area and I get to reminisce every time I attend one.  Sure brings back some great days.


Cruse on!



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The first year for the Camaro was '67.  

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Originally Posted by schlotz View Post

The first year for the Camaro was '67.  

Yes, I know.  Somehow he got one of the first ones that were manufactured in late 66/early 67.

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My other Smoker... a 67 Coronet.


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