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Uds ?

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Hello all I can't seem to find a 3" fully threaded bolt in ss. Is there any other bolts that would be safe to use
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If you are using the 3" bolts for the grate supports, a zinc coated bolt will be fine.  Zinc melts at ~786°F and fumes at ~1665°F.  If you have those temps at grate level, you have greater concerns than zinc exposure!


Now, if the bolts will be used at the coal basket level, find some stainless...


Now, for the naysayers, the total surface areas of the bolts will not provide enough zinc exposure to cause any long term health effects at normal, or even elevated temperatures on a pit this size.  Now, this is only for the 6-10 bolts needed for the grate supports, not for sheet metal, strapping etc...

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Where are you using the bolts? For grate supports you can use shorter bolts. For the basket feet you shouldn't need it to be completely threaded.


The other option is to get stainless all thread rod and use that to make custom length bolts. 

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I'm using them for my grates. I think I'll go galv with that being said. Thanks
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I am using the weber grates and have them on 1.5" bolts which is more than enough to hold them. 

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I too am using the 1.5" SS bolts and it's plenty long enuf. I think using 3" bolts will cause you some problems getting the lower grill in and maybe even your charcoal basket depending on the size you go with. I made mine 18" diameter. It would not fit past 3" bolts.



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Awesome thanks guys that's a lot of help. I made my grates out of expanded but I can weld a rim on them to sturdy them up
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