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What are some different techniques to burning my ss drum? I was wondering if a weed torch would be sufficient enough? Thanks
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Is it painted on the outside and bare metal on the inside? The drums seems to have all sorts of coatings and linings and some are easier to remove than others. I used a food grade drum and built a fire in it using pallets (actually two fires).


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This is bare metal inside and out. It had natural tea tree oil in it
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Do you know what the smoke point of the oil is? If it is a low enough smoke point you might be able to get it off just by running the UDS with all the intakes open (350-400 degrees). 

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I don't but I'll do some research and get back with you
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I can't seem to find a smoke point on it.
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Any idea what kind of temp I'm looking for?
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Check out this chart:


If you can get the temp over 500 you should burn off any residual oil. 

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Awesome thank you I greatly appreciate the help. I'll keep you posted on the build
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I went ahead and built a huge fire just to be safe. Just need to weld on my nipples and sandblast my lid and ill be ready to give it a go

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