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I make a lot of venison sausages and my only suggestion is to change 50/50 deer / pork mixture to 70 deer / 30 pork. Just my 2 cents from experience.   Now that you started, I am sure you are hooked !!   Happy Smoking !!

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How long were they in?? 


Were waiting on a money shot here,,,,,,



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Ok here it is. They cooked for a total of just under 12 hours. The salami is very salty but the summer sausage is pretty good. The texture is a little loose, I'd like them to be a little firmer but not sure how yet. For my first attempt not horrible but can be improved. The summer sausage will go fast.
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Them look good to me,,, salty?? pre packed kit can do that to ya,,, tighter,,you can really stuff those fibours casings tight I have done hundreds of pounds and NEVER had one blow out,,, This was a great job of your first time be proud 


Do a little research and start in again,, if too dry try a binder like NFDM (non fat dry milk) also fermento ect,,,,there are a ton of variations out there 


Good luck and 


:points:for a job well done 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Looks good to me!
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