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Beef Short Ribs--Oops! They're Boneless...

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I saw these in a business Costco a couple weeks ago and thought I'd give them a whirl.


As I was unpacking them last night, I started feeling for the bones, and huh.gifwtf1.gif No bones.

Had to look again at the label.


Oh, boneless! Hmmm. I found them in a large, walk-in refrigerated area with a lot of bins, and I think my glasses must have fogged up from the cold. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket!

Anyway, after careful consideration and much searching here, I decided to smoke them similar to a brisket. These are large, rectangular slabs, a little over 2 lb.s each, that look like they were sliced straight off the bone, not at all like CSR's as I've seen many people post here.


These had very little fat on them, just a thick membrane on one side that I didn't feel like messing with, so I just scored it with a sharp knife and rubbed last night with Jeff's Texas-Style Rub. Put them in the MES30 this morning about 10:30 am, with a small water pan over the hot spot, and some Pitmaster's Choice in the mailbox mod. Since they had so little fat, I layered some fatty bacon on top.


Smoking at 230°, and I plan to transfer to a pan and foil when they hit 160° IT, with some beef broth. The plan is to take them to 195°-200° and see how they do.

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Did someone miss their date with the Lenscrafters optician? :cool: 



Going to be difficult to eat them without the built in handles... :icon_mrgreen: 





You may need to send some of them out to volunteers for testing before trying them yourself... :tongue: 



...for safety...

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Here we are 4 hours in...added some more water to the pan. Stalled for about an hour at 149°, but it's creeping up now.

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That's looking tasty!
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They look really good.... icon14.gif
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Well, it took longer than anticipated, but finally finished at 195° IT in 10 hours. It came out pretty well, but yeah, these definitely do need to be braised in order to become tender.




Plated with some Bourbon Maple BBQ sauce that I think I got from someone here, and a baker garnished with the bacon from the ribs.

Just one slab was enough for the three of us, so we will have plenty of leftovers.

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