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Burnt ends? Maybe save for chili.

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I cooked my first brisket earlier this summer. It turned out much better than expected, but I didn't make burnt ends mostly just because it was my first brisket.

Instead I sliced and froze the point. Today I made some chili for the UofM and MSU game. Easily the best chili I ever made using the left over frozen point brisket. This site helps me seem to others like I know what I am doing with BBQ.

I need to make another brisket just to stock the freezer with meat for chili. I just can't seem to find another reasonably priced brisket. I am tempted to check out Costco just for this reason.
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Do you have a Gordon Foodservice store in your area? They sell different things from time to time brisket at the one closest to me has them for $2.79#. Once you make burnt ends you may have to make them all the time!
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We do have a Gordon's nearby. I admit that I never thought of them for meat before. I'll have to check it out.
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Hopefully they carry some! The one closest to me carries bulk tri tip as well I think it just dropped to $2.89#. I was told one of the managers at the store is a big meat fan which may explain all the tasty options.
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Nieghbor , go to Wally World . I'm getting nice select Briskets for $1.89 @Fremont.

Costco has Choice for $2.49 ... just saying .
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Thanks for the ideas on where to get some brisket. I will check them out.

Here is the chili from today.
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