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ribs in the oven?

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I don't feel like bringing out the smoker or one rack. Do I do the same thing in the oven as I would have done in a smoker for single rack of ribs?

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Boooo! Booooo! Boooooo! biggrin.gif
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House tends to get a bit smokey when you add the chips...
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i know i know i am missing the smoking part of this but i want ribs but don't want the hassle of the smoker for one time. 


maybe i will break out the smoker and do some chicken too and then have chix salad for a few days.

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If you want to use the oven. Rub and roast at 300°F. They will be tender in 2-3 hours. Foil the pan with some liquid 1.5 hours in for fall off the bone. If your a BBQ Sauce guy, get a smokey one and put that on at the end. I have done this in bad winter weather and the kids were happy to have them. Not as good as smoked but, in a pinch, who cares?...JJ

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When I want just ribs I smoke some stuff for the freezer, my dad or my in-laws as well. A full smoker is a happy smoker.
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