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Anyone have any ideas how to somewhat windproof a Masterbuilt 2 door without a lot of serious welding or whatever? We had some serious gusting winds here in Indy yesterday and I had to basically sit and watch for blowouts. I finally worked out a temporary fix (It involved patio chairs), but I figure I'm not the first to deal with this. Any ideas are appreciated!
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You can gasket the door using nomex gasket or oven door gasket. You can still risk blow outs though coming through the bottom and the air intake vents.

Plywood works great, make a three sided shield, i also put a top on mine too. Leave about a 2" gap around the back and sides of the smoker, same at the top of you do a top. Works great. Face the door side away from the wind.
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Cheap and dirty is a Plywood Box with a hinged door. Wife approved is something along this line, the proper size with plenty of room all around for your smoker. Cook and store the smoker out of site...JJ


Rubbermaid Resin Mica Charcoal Base Cabinet 

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Thanks, guys! What you're describing is kind of what I have in mind, maybe a 3 or 4 sided hinged\folding "screen" that I can bring out as needed. I really don't want to attach anything to the smoker itself..
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I already have the Nomex around the doors.
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Would skirting the legs help ? Just seems to me that a pieces of alum flashing or other running from leg to leg and down to an inch or two of the ground might cut the wind effect dramtically. Of course you need cut outs for the hose and such, but might work.

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Actually that was my first idea, Sparky. I wrapped a small tarp around the legs with bunji cords but didn't go completely across the front. It worked alright til the 30mph gusts! I may take some measurements to work tomorrow and see what kind of scrap sheet metal we have lying around. Mr. Tingle the welder loves a project...
It's not so windy today, so I should be able to do that chuckie I've been saving ☺
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Ok this is what I came up with. Simple and portable. I figure I'll make one more 2 panel set and I'll be able to go all around the smoker if I have to.
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