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New to smoking

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Hey guys I'm new to smoking, I just got my first smoker in February for my birthday. I liked the traditional style smokers over the electric but didn't want to break the bank so I compromised with an Oklahoma Joe Highland from Walmart. I've made a few modifications along the way but finally got it where it needs to be. Originally I made my own convection plate and had an average temp difference between 60-80 degrees from one side to the other. Finally I decided to suck it up and buy the convection plate from Horizon and let me tell you, I'm very pleased. If you are considering buying this, do it. My temps are almost exact, within 5 degrees. By far the best mod I've made so far.

I've mostly been smoking pork loins and ribs. I know a lot of people say the loin is very lean and tough to smoke but I've had really good luck with them especially if you slice it rather than pull it. I'm not a big fan of all the fat in the shoulder. My next challenge is going to be a brisket. I've been hesitant to commit to it because it's an expensive cut of meat. I'm looking forward to learning new recipes and tricks. Here are a few picks of my work.

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Welcome to the site.    Congratulations on your new smoker and your successful mods.


Nice ring on the loin.Thumbs Up

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Thank you, I appreciate it
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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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