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Grilling Fresh Filet with Cheese & Bacon

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Was trying to attempt steaks like Longhorns stuffed with cheese but I failed miserably... The steaks came out good but my brain never thought to mention to me if I stuff something on the top you can't flip it without it falling out when heated... I am going to try this again but my next attempt I will go in from the side almost like butterflying but not as deep... I also will wrap the bacon & secure it using toothpicks before I get them on the grill... Need to fiqure out how to get the bacon crispier or cook longer without over cooking the beef too... Trying to get fancy before I learn what fancy means LOL!!! Ran the temp to 135 pulled them & let them sit for 10 minutes then carved & enjoyed... I even tried the sizzling butter trick but that didn't work either... Will post again once I start my next batch of crazy ideas... I normally would have smoked these so as to not have to flip but my MES40 2nd Gen took a crap & I am in contemplation on what to get for my next purchase so in the meantime I am using the good old grill!!! And the rub is Montreal Steak seasoning & the bacon is Cracker Barrel FYI!!! 







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Looks tasty!  You may could stick it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up the bacon, or maybe you could precook it a little before you put it on the steak?  If you like your steak on the burnt side like me then you don't have to worry about the bacon being done!

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D007, they look good to me !

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