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Hey Everyone, Names Joe just started smoking meat a few months ago and so far everything has come out great. I'm still learning and still advancing my skills but My wife says my Ribs are like "Meat Candy" and I caught her devouring the last rib and licking whatever meat she couldn't get off the bone with her tongue. I was never so proud in my life hahaa. My lil boy loves my ribs also and I plan to smoke my third whole chicken tomorrow morn before work so we have it for the week. I've also done some Short Ribs. I'm from Westchester NY, currently using the Masterbuilt M7P and looking forward to learning a lot from the community and hoping to enter some sort of Amateur Competition soon... Thanks!

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Joe, welcome to SMF!  Looks like you've already achieved the greatest prize of all; a happy family that devours what you smoke!  Enjoy learning more here and good luck when you start competing!


Have fun!



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Hey! Thanks for the Kind Welcome, lookin forward to it!

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