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Smoked paprika

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Nepas talked me into this.

Using corn cob pellets.


He says 2-3 hours.
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Well it smells smokey. Looks the same.


Back in original container.

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Can't believe it takes that long,I would of thought you could do it with a smoke gun guess not.
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Never tried it before.
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I'll bet that's gonna be tasty Adam ! 🍻
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Adam someone did that a while back,treat it like cheese let it age a few weeks.


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That was me.  I smoked Hungarian paprika and was VERY disappointed in the result.  HOWEVER.  I packaged it up in an airtight spice bottle and left it on the pantry shelf for a couple of weeks.  The change was remarkable.  Very smoky taste and aroma.  And, it just keeps getting better.  I now use it in all my rubs, and Miss Linda uses it in the kitchen.


Whatever you do, don't get PO'ed with it and chuck it.  It will improve with age--just like cheese and good wine.



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I stored it in the original container way in the back. I used it, post coming tomorrow
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I'll have to try that one, I did some smoked salt  



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I haven't really used it yet.
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Good stuff! We had a bunker crop of Kobocha squash this year. The smoked paprika and a bit of butter, salt and pepper, oh yeah!
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