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Hello All!


I was hoping to get some suggestions/feed back from the group regarding rib placement.


I have a cook shack Amerique which is a 3 level Vertical Electric Smoker.  I will be Smoking some Baby Back Ribs later this evening and i have previously used a vertical holder to smoke the ribs.


The Ameirque is large enough for 2 full slabs of ribs to fit horizontally on each level.


My question is.....What is th best way to space the ribs?  Should I place one slab per level?  Two slabs on the Top Rack and one in the middle?


My primary concern is that if i use all 3 levels the bottom rack will dry out, cause it is close to the heating element than the top rack.


My secondary concern is that if I put 2 slabs side by side  on the there wont be enough air flow to allow the top rack to smoke.


***Follow up question***


Any suggestions on checking the temp on ribs?  I have heard that the bones are so close together its hard to get an accurate reading.


Any thoughts/Suggestions are appreciated


Thank you