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I read where it was recommended that the self life of most spices is 6 months and after that length of time it looses its freshness and should be replaced.  When ordering spice or buying spices in the store how in the world do you know how long they have had it or how long it has been on the self.  How do you guys go about keeping your spices fresh?



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For starters buy your spices from a reputable merchant. Grocery stores aren't the best choice. Something like Pennzey's online or a local spice shop is a good bet.
Secondly, buy whole spices whenever possible, and grind them as you use them. The 6 month shelf life refers to ground spices. Whole spices will last a couple years.
The difference in flavor between fresh ground and pre-ground is pretty amazing.
Lastly, keep them in airtight jars in a cool dark place. A kitchen cabinet is just fine.
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If you google how long spices last they say 4 years for whole and 2 years for ground but I tend to agree with MD.....  I have a big container of paprika thats about a year old and just made some rub and it didnt come out right.. Went and bought some fresh and it was perfect...... Vacuum sealing spices and placing in the fridge will keep them fresh longer IMHO

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