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Bottom Sirloin Smokin

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Also know as a ball tip, it is a lean piece of meat with not much of a fat cap.  Normally I get this as a steak when they are on sale, but I wanted to try it as a roast.  When I do get the steaks I marinate them all the time because they are so lean.  So I told the guy's in the meat dept. to pick me out the biggest one they find while they are cutting them for steaks.  They got me a 4 1/2 pounder.  That is a big one for I have cut many over the years.  Since it didn't have much of a fat cap, I covered it with bacon.  Can't go wrong with that.  Also injected it with a Korean beef broth [come's in powdered form].  Put it in the smoker at 250 deg. and added a couple of loads of oak/maple chips for smoke.  Pulled her out when the internal temp was 130 deg.  Let it rest for awhile and sliced it up.  Put the slices in some aujus [beefy onion soup mix with extra garlic].  Made for some nice hoagie's!!!  Reinhard



Here is the roast.  Not much of a fat cap.



Injected to roast with the beef broth.



Kind of looks like a bacon football.



It's getting there but not quite yet.



Pulled the roast out with a internal temp of 130, let it rest for a bit, and I started slicing it.



That's what I was looking for.



The meat stayed tender in that simple aujus, even the next day.



Fresh hoagie buns and the meal was ready to go.

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Nice smoke! With the hot weather the butchers here haven't had any roasts out!
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Ya, that's funny.  Here in Minnesota it never changes. I was in Vegas one time and went in a meat market there and all they had was steaks.  But they were nice and thick.  Here in Minnesota the meat cases don't change much. Same roasts out all year long.  Only thing is they never put out bottom sirloin roasts, only steaks.  Kind of like tri tips, not many folks know what they are.  Reinhard

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I'm hungry and my smoking buddy and I are going to the butcher shop this afternoon to get 'stuf, for a joint smoke tomorrow. Should not have looked at all these gorgeous pictures!
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They call that "sirloin tip" around here. Underrated cut, great for beef sammies. Nice job!



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Back from the Butcher's. Got a small eye of round. Getting ready to start the prep now biggrin.gif
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Looks great and great minds think alike. Only I picked up a 4.5 lb. shoulder roast. I have got to say its as pretty a roast as I can remember seeing. Smoking this baby strictly for sammies too. last week I got some sliced roast beef for a sandwich and it as 9.99/lb. I gotta believe I can do as well and a lot cheaper too!


Hope it looks as good as yours.


Great job.

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Beautiful smoke, Reinhard! Points.



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RH, Nice smoke, great idea ! :points:

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