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New member WSM smoker

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Have learned a lot from this website. Live in Phoenix. Thanks everyone, look forward to learning more!
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Welcome to SMF Skeeterproam!  Glad you're here with your new WSM, the easiest and best "out of the box" smoker on the planet. 


Have fun with the new toy!

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Thank you! Just did my first smoked baby back ribs Yesterday. Turned out better than I expected to be honest. Love the WSM so far. Kind of wished I had the 20 some inch but my 18.5 will do. I am addicted to putting smoked leftovers in my food saver bags and into the freezer, LOL. Take care, Skeeter

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Welcome, Skeeterproam. I just ordered a WSM myself!! Pick it up tomorrow....can't wait!! I also have a Lang stickburner, but was looking for a different cooker for when I do parties and such. The WSM is gonna be a fun toy, putting meat on and having it cook all night, and us rejoining the cook in the morning... Lol!!
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My gf's brother found out I have a WSM yesterday. He's already has plans for me to smoke enough ribs 'n briskets for up to 10 people on Thanksgiving. :icon_eek:



Have fun!!


You're going to love your WSM!!

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Welcome! You'll enjoy your WSM! I have 4 mini-wsm's and the 18.5. Best smokers you can have. I smoked two spatchcocked chickens and a full pork loin this last weekend in my 18.5. Was blowing 20-25 and raining sideways but the WSM didn't even know it.
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Thanks guys. I am excited to try a variety of meats on this bad boy
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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another hot, day in East Texas and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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