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Too dry. Little help

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Okay i was smoking a porkloin. It was about 7 lbs. I used a sweet rub i created. I also injected it the night before with an apple juice base with my rub mixed in. Okay so i figured that would make it juicy throughout the smoking process. I was wrong. Kept temp in my propane smoker around 220-230 deg. The meat felt so tough at 165 so i kept going hoping it would get better. Well at 182 degrees i pulled it regardless and wrapped it in foil for 25 mins or so. I had to cut it exstremely thin to counter for the toughness and dryness. Any pointers woul be helpful.
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165 is over done. Pull at 145.
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Ooh see this whole time i thought you had to cook pork to 180 like i do when i do pork shoulders for pulled pork
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Loins are tender and juicy at 145. Very lean meat.

Shoulder has alot of internal fat that needs cooked out.
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A lesson to record in your Log Book on Smoking.

Have fun and . . .
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