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Hi Brian.  Those beef sausages were the best I have had made here.  They were not SPOT ON but were pretty good.  My recipe is not for hot links.  It is for a ring sausage that is typical at most Texas BBQ's and even served poached for tea.  It is usually  ( not always ) smoked as is bacon and ham.  Never had unsmoked bacon or ham until I moved here.  Big German influence in Texas sausage.  Immigrants in the old days and folks who ran when heir hitler started causing s***.  Also a slight Italian influence.  I will post the recipe on the recipe page for anyone interested.  American sausage is usually full on.  In your face.  Same as with American breakfast sausage.As I said; my butcher makes it for me.  I take in the spice mix ( I gave him the recipe ) and he makes sausages for me.  He says he likes it but who knows?  Keep Smokin!


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Well Boys.  My friend Foam lives in La. and his recipe is now sold nation wide.  If he recommends those 2 recipes I know what I would chose!  No brainer!  Keep Smokin!



I probably said that wrong Danny. Its not my andouille, its a local family's spice recipe which has now gone national. I get it from them.


The reason I can,  because one of the newer/younger family member decided to go big, national. When he did the old supermarket recipes suffered due to ease  of making means less cost, less cost equals more profit. But the family still maintains their old family butcher shops and some of the other family members had opened new butcher shops before it wen national. Part of the deal was a grand father clause for the families butchers to remain in and control their own butcher shops.


I am not family, I am not a butcher, I and my family are just friends of a local branch of the family. I get their Cajun smoked sausage and their andouille spices in bags for 100 lbs. at a time. I am sure I could make a reasonable fact simile, but if I can guarantee that same delicious sausage and andouille I have always had (Mom would ship me care packages of it and community coffee while over seas or away from home), I see it as a win/win situation.


I see that you have 3 good recipes, you should try 5 pounds batches of each and decide for yourself, That's a win/win/win situation! Its all about what you have available and what you like in yours. You'll already be making better sausage than most folks started with long ago.


The biggest thing about sausage and andouille to me, well it is all about having fun. Right now it seems I am getting more and more friends I never met that want to drop by and visit,  when they see or smell smoke from the back yard....LOL

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Any difference in Andouille East Texas Danny?


ROFLMAO......... I as expecting this reply from Danny, "We smoke it on Mesquite".


I do soooooo much pecan smoke, so this last week I did a chicken with mesquite. I had forgot how good mesquite is.

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Hi Foamy,


Very interesting indeed! the reason I ask as that I have staring to make my own sausages and want to get a couple of things perfect. A good Andouille that I can repeat at will, A Kielbasa for the same reason, A Texas Hot link and a UK Savaloy!


Now you guys from the US may not have heard of Savaloys but they are as popular in the North East of England and Scotland as is Black Pudding (blood sausage) and Haggis. Basically my butcher makes them to the now tried an tested "Modern Recipe" which is with added smoke flavour and colouring for the hog skin. Danny tried one at the SMF BBQ weekend I believe, they went down great with the locals. BUT we are going to try and emulate the original. Basically its a poached seasoned pork sausage them smoked. However they used to use boiled pork skin and or tripe as a cheap filler. In other words Savaloys used to be made out of all of the rubbish cuts as is the way with all of the best foods now! LOL! but IO believe the old "Weights and Measures" forced them to change the recipe so we are going to try and make them just for our own consumption.


So any great sausage recipes, or spice mix to go in them, could you guys from the US please post on Danny's UK recipe page

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NP..... They are all in the search engine, that's where I found them.  You can just bring them forward to Danny's page. I think you have a good idea and look forward to watching it progress.

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Hi Kiska, will catch up on the recipes when I can. I will be looking at making Andouille, Hot Links & Kielbasa during the winter so I have a good stock. Just too busy at the moment, but when the season finishes I will have time to Play!
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