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Great Prices

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My local Winco grocery has bone in pork shoulders for .99/pound this weekend. They run about 10 # average. Glad we had some room in the 2nd freezer.
They also have Lil' Devil pellets, 20 lb bags for $ 5.95. I've never tried them, but I'm about to put some in my amnps this weekend. They are a lot more expensive on line. Anybody have experience with these pellets ?
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I don't use pellets. But that is a Great price on butts
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They're 88¢/lb. at our Winco in Fort Worth, great prices indeed!  Plus, boneless pork sirloins in a bag, $1.38/lb. (3-4 whole sirloins per bag).  Just hand slice them thin, regular or thick or with pockets!

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Sunflower here just put them on sale for $1.00 lb but to get that price u have to buy a two pack. A single is $1.30 lb. I bought the two Pack
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