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Had no idea where to put this....

What has to be done so your pizza doesn't stick to the pizza stone? Used our Large BGE. Was a 5 meat Costco pizza. Lit the Egg, put the CI plate setter in feet up. Put the grate on top of the setter. Put a ceramic pizza stone on top of the grate. Shut the dome, temperature was at 200*. When the dome temperature was at 550* put the pizza on. At the 4 minute mark went to spin the pizza, pretty much stuck to the stone. Was able to slide it off there when it was done... sort of...
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Easy fix , Junkie , Sprinkle Corn Meal on the stone . Surely you have a Pizza board :cool: .


What kind of Pizza do you like or usually make/like . I'm down for Margarita Pizza , I like the Tomatoes . Pepperoni turns my taste buds to grease . :biggrin:


Actually , I'm just not partial to Pizza . Give me Beef and Pig and I'm happy.:32:


Have fun and . . .

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